Please read our FAQs before sending us a message

    Where were the plants sent from?

    We ship from Vietnam

    Can it be sent to all countries?

    Yes, as long as the destination country receives and the consumer has an import permit (each country is different) But we remind you to get more information about import regulations in your country before place an order.

    Can I pay other than Paypal?

    Yes, right now, we accept Paypal, you can see on check out in the near future also all major creditcards (Stripe)

    How many days packages process will be?

    It takes around 1-2 weeks

    Where can I get a tracking number?

    For the tracking number from UPS Express and EMS will be sent via buyer’s email or “Order Progress” page.

    Is there a guarantee of damage?

    There is a maximum of 50% if the entire plant is damaged with shipping conditions and other costs borne by the buyer

    How to order as wholesale?

    You can send your wish list and desired plants size to us to check the available status or you can also find the list of available plants in the Price List section

    Can it be return?

    It can’t be, because most of the crops we sell are supplied by farmers and the strictness of Vietnam’s imports

    What if the package is withheld by customs in your country?

    Unfortunately, we can’t be responsible for that. Because this is also part of the buyer’s responsibility to know the rules before buying. So we hope you really know the current rules in your country about importing plants. But it is mandatory for us to completed all important documents for export of plants before shipping.

    What if the plant is damaged?

    We will replace 50% of all plants purchased. But we hope that plant buyers must understand the risks of buying plants from abroad.

    How to claim?

    Please do full documentation of the plant after reaching you. We recommend taking photos and videos to make the process clear and easy. After that you can contact us by email with the documentation.